Paris Baguette inks sponsorship deal with Paris Saint

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Paris Baguette, South Korean bakery giant SPC Group's flagship bakery chain, announced Thursday that the company has signed a sponsorship deal with French football club Paris Saint-Germain.

Of around 30 companies that have partnered with the Paris-based football club, including Nike, Qatar Airways, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, Paris Baguette is the only Korean brand.

Paris Saint-Germain is an internationally popular French football club which is widely known for its superstar, Kylian Mbappe. The team has also attracted more Korean supporters recently after Korean midfielder Lee Kang-in joined their ranks.

Under the new partnership, Paris Baguette plans to raise its brand awareness and build stronger customer relationships in France and Europe overall.

Paris Baguette’s logo and advertisements will be shown when Paris Saint-Germain plays in Ligue 1 games at Parc des Princes, the home ground of the football club.

Paris Baguette will host events where local fans can sample refreshments made by the Korean bakery chain. Paris Baguette also plans to collaborate with Paris Saint-Germain to create media content with popular Paris Saint-Germain players and provide promotional tickets for Paris Saint-Germain games and stadium tours, the company added.

“Paris Baguette expects to deliver improved customer experiences to a wider international customer base through the latest partnership with Paris Saint-Germain,” an official from the company said.

Meanwhile, Paris Baguette is currently operating approximately 3,400 stores in South Korea and around 500 stores overseas.